Kim Rosenthal, MD

Author and psychiatrist

Sometimes life feels like a load of bricks holding you to the ocean floor.

Your vision is blocked, you can’t move, can’t breathe… but that isn’t life.  That’s mental illness.  That’s depression, bipolar, panic, trauma, Schizophrenia, and substance abuse.  I know.  That’s why I wrote this website… to bring hope and the occasional chuckle to your world.  There’s misery, yes, but there are a lot of people overcoming that misery.

Welcome to, a place where you win the lottery at least once/year and a historian follows you around recording what you do right. features over 120+ articles about diagnosis, treatment, self-help, and reflections on life. We’re also me to the Wacky and Wonderful Recovery Workbook (WW) and are currently starting YOUR online literary magazine, the Wacky and Wonderful Library, for people who wish to laugh and reflect bright auras despite their experience with adversity.  Thanks for visiting — and don’t move. Your lottery ticket and personal historian are on their way.

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When not writing, I practice life as a physician. I’m a psychiatrist. It’s a voyeuristic calling, I’ll admit, gives me the chance to live vicariously through other people’s eyes, see lots of worlds, hear lots of stories, live lots of experiences — it’s an incredible honor to be part of that.  It’s humbling.

I’m a board-certified doc with licenses in Hawaii, Maine, and North Carolina.  I work at a state psychiatric hospital in North Carolina.  Most of my patients are severely mentally ill and criminally insane.  Many have lived in the hospital for years.  Despite the tragedies that surround me, I believe there’s hope for everyone.  Life can be spectacular no matter where you are. 

I’ve been practicing medicine for 19 years and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  For more information, check out my bio.

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Curious about the benefits of aging, Asperger’s, medications, talk-therapy,  relationships, or guided imagery?  Need to learn more about panic or Schizoaffective disorder?  Mental Health and You is a blog and psychiatric database with more than 120 articles. If you seek info, start here.

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