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Welcome. This is a world where roses follow you around demanding attention, everyone is assigned a personal cheerleader, and having a mental illness means you have an incredible future ahead.  We’re home to the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery. The site is also inhabited by 120+ psychiatric articles, classes in Jungian exploration, and the occasional chuckle.  

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Substance abuse counselor, brain coach, creativity guru, and humorist in one, the Weird and Wacky Workbook for Recovery (WW) is a book to help people get past addiction and make recovery worthwhile.  The book is written for clinicians and the general public.  It will be available in bookstores in 2020, if fate allows!  Contact us to reserve your copy!

Curious about the benefits of aging? Want to know more about Asperger’s, medications, talk-therapy, or relationships? What about guided imagery?  Mental Health and You is a blog and psychiatric database with more than 120 articles.  We try to publish at least once/week.

 Using artwork, fiction, reading, late-night philosophy, and Jung’s Active Imagination, this course is about you and who you are.  Jump in at Class One and explore life. 

Why Ships & Giggles?  Cuz sometimes you need something random and funny.   There’s no real point here except to have fun.  If you have any good jokes or stories, let us know.

About the author

Dr. Kim Rosenthal is a board-certified psychiatrist at a state hospital in North Carolina.  She works with the severely mentally ill and criminally insane — and believes there’s hope for everyone.  Rosenthal has been practicing medicine for 19 years.  She wouldn’t trade it for the world.  

Rosenthal writes both fiction and nonfiction.  She’s published half a dozen short stories in various anthologies and was a featured author at the Chicago Bookseller’s Fair.  Her true love is novel-writing.  Her stories are about distant cultures in alternative universes. It’s always the same question: if it doesn’t have to be this way, what else is there?  One never runs out of answers.

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