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Worksheet: recovery and letting the past go

Recovery from addiction is challenging: you miss the past, parts of it at least, and the future can be downright scary.  This worksheet is a strange, colorful, and fancy 6-page tool-kit to help the reader maneuver through grief of letting the past go (mourning the loss of addiction) — while working towards an exciting future.

(The handout is an updated worksheet from the new Weird and Wacky Addiction Activity Book.  Full book coming… well, eventually!)

mourning addiction page 1


mourning addiction page 2


mourning addiction page 3


mourning addiction page 4


mourning addiction page 5


mourning addiction page 6


Please let me know if the title “Mourning the loss of addiction” is too provocative; the message here isn’t about the “beauty” of addiction or that it should be missed.  My hope is to help people through a painful part of quitting drugs: missing the past and all its comforts when faced with an uncertain, intimidating future.  Identity needs to be rewritten.  Consequences need to be faced.  Emotions need to be dealt with.  New friends need to be found.   Fun has to be exercised without the aid of artificial chemicals, often a seemingly impossible endeavor.   People need to know they can get through this, that on the other side of the wall there’s often a stunning rainbow.

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