Outside-the-Box Recovery: Replacing Drugs With the Good Stuff

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The worksheet below is for addiction counselors to use with clients, as well as for anyone who is in recovery.  

Giving up drugs creates an enormous hole in your life.  Beforehand addiction took up most of your time, and now that you’re clean, you often don’t know what to do with yourself.  Suddenly there’s something missing.  Sound familiar?  The following is a simple worksheet about filling that hole with something worthwhile. If you’d like a free copy of this worksheet in PDF format, visit our store.

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Hey!  You still there?

While we’ve got you here, don’t forget to take a look at the (hopefully) upcoming Outside-the-Box Recovery Workbook.  It’s written for addiction counselors and the public alike.

It’s hard work. It’s also quite the read. Filled with relapse prevention & coping skills, alter egos, art assignments, fiction-writing, puzzles, and much more, The Outside-the-Box Recovery Workbook takes the reader on a 120-page introductory journey through the world of sobriety. It’s about surviving addiction and creating a life worth living. It’s meant to be the first of a series of similar workbooks.

Written by a psychiatrist (Dr. Kim Rosenthal… that’s me!), this book will be available in 2022, if the gods allow. Every website subscription and every downloaded booklet gets us one step closer to getting this project available to the public.  Right now we’re submitting to agents. Thanks!

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