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Cognitive therapy: mind conquers mood

"The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude." -- Oprah Winfrey Cognitive therapy (CT) is a powerful technique therapists use to help their clients deal with life's tougher moments.  It's used worldwide to help individuals overcome psychiatric problems like phobias, depression, anxiety, personality disorders,… Continue reading Cognitive therapy: mind conquers mood

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For introverts and people on the spectrum: how to make friends out of strangers

So you’ve met someone you don’t know and it’s time to have a conversation, hopefully create a friendship, and your first tendency is to… run.  Sound familiar?  If talking to strangers feels like a bucketful of icy, cold water thrown in your direction, you’ve found the right spot.  This post is written for all shy,… Continue reading For introverts and people on the spectrum: how to make friends out of strangers

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11 ways to overcoming all adversity

"It is what it is.  Isn't that how these things always go?  They are what they are.  We just get to cope." -- Mira Grant, Feed Okay, give me a minute.  Today I want to get up on my soap box and say "Yay!" to overcoming all adversity, finding the perfect life, and always knowing… Continue reading 11 ways to overcoming all adversity

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Mindfulness to the rescue

Do you ever race through life, struggling to keep up?  It’s about that alarm clock going off in the mornings, a quick jump in the shower, an even quicker rush through breakfast, and the oh-so-disturbing traffic on your way to work when you’re running late.  It’s that busy busy-ness that pushes you through the day,… Continue reading Mindfulness to the rescue

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Dealing with the worries

Anxiety in small doses can be healthy.  It signals when we're in danger and, when necessary, pushes us to make changes in our lives.  But anxiety stops being normal when it interferes with our ability to live life, when it leaves us paralyzed and affects our emotional and physical health in a negative way. Dealing… Continue reading Dealing with the worries

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Muscle Relaxation Exercises

Muscle relaxation can be helpful for anxiety, as well as for anger, stress, insomnia, and agitation.  People with stress or anxiety often feel so keyed up during the day that they don’t even remember what it’s like to be calm.  Muscle relaxation exercises release the tension in the muscles and help a person relax, lowering… Continue reading Muscle Relaxation Exercises

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How to build self-esteem

Many people feel bad about themselves at times.  Self-esteem is a complicated entity, influenced by many factors, including morality, spiritual beliefs, the approval of family and friends, environment, childhood experiences, and general sense of well-being.  Negative life events, physical illness, problematic relationships, and loss of control can all undermine self-esteem. If you believe you suffer… Continue reading How to build self-esteem

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Overcoming Guilt

Guilt is about feeling bad, even disliking ourselves, over something we did or didn’t do in the past.  Guilt can be normal: the fact that we feel it proves that we have compassion for others.  At the same time, guilt can become so toxic and destructive that it overwhelms, and that's when it’s time to… Continue reading Overcoming Guilt

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Types of Anxiety Problems

We’re all anxious at times, especially when stressed or facing something unpredictable.  Anxiety and fear help us pick up on threatening things in our environment and react – often before we know what that “thing” is.  But anxiety becomes an illness when it starts controlling and ruining one’s life.  There are many different types of… Continue reading Types of Anxiety Problems