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Mood journal conquers depression

Depression. A miserable experience. When mild, it steals your dreams. When severe, it runs you over with stagnancy, painful thoughts, guilt, and shutdown. It's also not just a single emotion. Depression comes in dozens of flavors and intensities, if not hundreds, and can vary from day to day, if not throughout the day.  One minute… Continue reading Mood journal conquers depression

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Self-help page

Below you'll find a list of self-help articles about surviving and triumphing over life's challenges, like how-to-guides for rewriting toxic thought patterns, making friends, dealing with difficult people, and much, much more! A Addiction: Dealing with Cravings Addiction: When Someone You Care About Is an Addict Alzheimer's: telling the difference between Alzheimer's and normal aging… Continue reading Self-help page

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Dealing with depression

Depression takes away energy, hope, and motivation to do things, making it hard to get out of bed in the morning, never mind cope with the pervasive sadness and loss of interest in life that comes along with it.  At times it seems hopeless.  Despite this, you have more control over depression than you realize. … Continue reading Dealing with depression