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Quick guide to finding yourself

“Stay strong, make them wonder how you’re still smiling.” (Buzzfeed)   How to find the self Here's a two-step framework to help you... find yourself.  Each day, choose one of the options from step one and another from step two.  To keep things healthy, try to vary your choices from day to day.  Practice, enjoy,… Continue reading Quick guide to finding yourself

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Mindfulness to the rescue

Do you ever race through life, struggling to keep up?  It’s about that alarm clock going off in the mornings, a quick jump in the shower, an even quicker rush through breakfast, and the oh-so-disturbing traffic on your way to work when you’re running late.  It’s that busy busy-ness that pushes you through the day,… Continue reading Mindfulness to the rescue

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Dealing with the worries

Anxiety in small doses can be healthy.  It signals when we're in danger and, when necessary, pushes us to make changes in our lives.  But anxiety stops being normal when it interferes with our ability to live life, when it leaves us paralyzed and affects our emotional and physical health in a negative way. Dealing… Continue reading Dealing with the worries