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Psychoanalysis vs Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Or something about Freud and his followers... Most people remember Freud from his teachings on childhood “psychosexual stages," unconscious conflict based on sexual and aggressive urges, and his infamous terms "penis envy" and "Oedipal Complex."  Most of it's controversial, right?  Maybe, but it turns out there’s more to Freud than penis envy and the Oedipal… Continue reading Psychoanalysis vs Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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What’s psychotherapy about?

Maybe you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress, or some existential question, and you're thinking about seeing someone about it. Or maybe a friend or colleague recommended psychotherapy to you. But what is psychotherapy?  Sure, you’ve watched the movies and seen that same old image: the wise guru sitting calmly taking notes as the neurotic… Continue reading What’s psychotherapy about?

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Freud: what’s the defense mechanism of the day?

In the language of Freud, defense mechanisms are the unconscious things we do to deal with difficult emotion or stress.  They are kind of like absent-minded coping skills, and we all use them.  They’re natural and normal.  They help us deal with life struggles.  But, just like coping skills, defense mechanisms come in different flavors. … Continue reading Freud: what’s the defense mechanism of the day?